The two men who murdered actor Brett Goldin and fashion designer Richard Bloom last year each received an effective 28 years in prison in terms of a plea bargain finalised in the Cape High Court on Monday.

The details of the April 2006 execution-style killings were spelled out in the plea bargain agreement by Shavaan Marlie, 25, and Clinton Davids, 23.

In terms of the agreement, both men pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping, robbery with aggravating circumstances, illegal possession of a gun and ammunition, and possessing a dangerous weapon.

They were sentenced by Cape judge president John Hlophe.

In their statements, Marlie and Davids described how after a night of drinking and drug-taking in the Cape Town city centre, they and two friends drove in a BMW to Camps Bay with the intention of stealing a car.

Just after midnight they saw Bloom and Goldin walking along Victoria Road, held them up at gunpoint and made them point out Bloom's car, a Volkswagen Polo, parked nearby.

They took Bloom and Goldin and the Polo to the road leading to the Table Mountain cable station, parked on a gravel area and ordered their victims to strip.

"They were then left wearing only their socks and most of their clothes were discarded off the mountain side in order to delay the deceased raising immediate alarm," Marlie and Davids said in their statements.

At that point one of their companions, who had been playing with a semi-automatic pistol, fired off a shot by accident.

"Anticipating that the discharge of the firearm could lead to immediate alarm being raised and/or the immediate arrival of the police, it was decided that the deceased should rather be left elsewhere," they said.

Bloom and Goldin were ordered to climb into the boot of the Polo, which Davids, with Marlie in the passenger seat, drove towards the Cape Flats and onto a grassy area next to an off ramp from the M5 freeway.

There the Polo got stuck, and Bloom and Goldin were ordered to get out of the boot and help push.

The pushing did not work, and the naked men were ordered to lie face down on the ground while Davids and Marlie wedged the Polo's parcel shelf under the front wheels for traction.

"In this process gave the firearm to accused no 1 (Shavaan Marlie) and instructed him to shoot the deceased if either moved.

"The one deceased suddenly screamed and accused no 1 (Shavaan Marlie) then fired two shots at each of the deceased.

"The shots were fired from behind. Both deceased had two entrance wounds at the back of their heads and two exit wounds at the front of their heads."

As the statement was read out to the court by Davids' advocate Philip Higgo, Goldin's mother Denise, sitting at the front of the court in what used to be a jury bench, dissolved into tears.

She was comforted by former Miss South Africa Anneline Kriel and by Cape Town mayor and Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille, whose parents were once neighbours of Ms Goldin's parents.

Putting on a brave face for the media outside the courtroom after the hearing, Ms Goldin said: "I'm relieved that it's over and we don't have to go through the trauma of a court case.

"Hopefully there'll be a chance for all of us to start reconstructing our lives now."

She paid tribute to the investigators and prosecution team, saying they had given her extraordinary support.

"I've had enormous faith in them, and that faith has been rewarded," she said.

However she also said there could never be closure for her. A person who lost a husband was called a widow, she said, and a person who lost a parent, an orphan.

"When you lose a child there's no way you can describe it," she said. "The pain is so intense it's unbearable."

Friends of the two men also packed the public gallery, and a small group of anti-crime demonstrators held up placards outside the courtroom.

Among those at court was Vernon Norton, grandfather of baby Jordan Leigh Norton.

Initially 11 suspects, including Marlie and Davids, were arrested for the murders.

Four have already been sentenced by way of plea bargain proceedings in the Wynberg Regional Court, and were expected to testify against Marlie and Davids.

Charges against five were withdrawn, and two still face charges for the illegal possession of Bloom's car. - Sapa