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Johannesburg - An American hunter has won compensation after the carcass of a lion he killed in South Africa was damaged during transportation, the Sunday Times reports.

Dennis Danner had spent R2 million to go hunting with his 14-year-old son, and son-in-law, on a private reserve near Port Elizabeth.

However when their “trophies” arrived in the USA eight months later, parts of the two male lions' bodies had been damaged.

After four years of court action, in which Danner sued six freight and cargo companies, the District Court of Maryland awarded the hunter R30,500 compensation from a cargo airline.

The newspaper reported that Danner also sought R1 million so he could return to South Africa to shoot another two lions.

During his original visit, Danner and his family shot a wildebeest, springbok, two blesboks, a rhebok, a nyala, a caracal, a fallow deer, and three free-roaming lions.

The owner of the reserve which Danner visited said he understood Danner's pursuit of compensation.

“If your wedding dress is spoiled by a company that is supposed to take care of it, you can't just offer another dress in exchange. I think that's what Danner was saying in his case.” - Sapa