'I feel your pain'

By Time of article published May 26, 2007

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By Lauren Kansley

The mother of the man who executed Brett Goldin and Richard Bloom says she feels the pain of their families. But Tasneem Marlie's words are of little comfort to the loved ones of Crazy Monkey actor Goldin and fashion designer Bloom. No one, least of all Tasneem Marlie, can understand her pain, said Goldin's mother, Denise.

This is the first time the mothers have exchanged words since Brett (27) and Richard (28) were murdered last year. Their lives were linked forever when Shavaan Marlie (26) pulled the trigger and killed the friends on Easter Monday last year.

A year after the double murder, both mothers are still in pain. While Denise is slowly coming to terms with Brett's death, Tasneem said she was preparing herself for life without her son. Tasneem believes the time is right to reach out to the families of Goldin and Bloom.

"I feel your pain," said Marlie's mother. "I understand what you are going through."

On Monday, Marlie admitted for the first time that he had fired shots into the back of Goldin and Bloom's heads as they lay naked on a verge next to a Cape Town freeway.

A clearly distraught Tasneem wasn't at court when her son was sentenced to 28 years in jail along with his co-accused Clinton Davids (23). "I wasn't well the week before the trial," she said. "But I think being at court would have made me even more sick."

But her son is not the cold-blooded killer he is made out to be, she maintained.

"I can't begin to tell you how much I love that boy. He was like a real rock in difficult times for me."

Marlie is the father of a 1-year-old girl, who had been living with him and his mother in their Kensington home. He dropped out of school in Grade 10 and went to work at several jobs, including a security company.

The court heard this week that Marlie had two previous convictions and had admitted to using drugs. But his mother said these previous offences were "petty" and were committed when her son was younger.

"The first one was when he drove a truck around a yard when he was about 15 years old. The other offence was for the possession of stolen property," she said.

Brett's mom Denise said she accepted what Marlie's mother had to say about sharing her pain. But she also had a message for her: "Until you have been through what I have, no one is in a position to offer their understanding," she said. "Your son is still alive."

Her daughter Samantha has made clear her disgust for Marlie and Davids. "I hope that their families will feel a fraction of the pain we're going through," she said.

"Those men are devoid of emotion and they make me sick. I want them to agonise and regret what they have done every day of their lives."

Told of the message from Marlie's mother, Richard's partner, Bryan Hellman, said: "I appreciate the sentiment but we are all in a lot of pain at the moment."

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