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Johannesburg - Captured photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed is pleading for help in a proof of life video received and shared by Gift of the Givers. 

Mohamed was abducted on January 10 2017 in the vicinity of Gift of the Givers Ar Rahma Hospital in Darkoush, Syria.

He was captured along with two other aid workers but the workers were released while he was questioned on what was believed to be a misunderstanding.

Mohamed had travelled to the Middle Eastern country with humanitarian organisation Gift of the Givers.

In the video, a bedraggled Mohamed is seen pleading for help while holding a placard with a date on it as a masked man stands next to him with a rifle in his hand.

He explains that he needs help securing his freedom, saying that he lives in fear of his life and was scared. 

"I need your help securing my freedom please. I live in fear of my life. I am scared. 

"We are being bombed, the area that I am in is being bombed by the Russian air force. The bombs are getting closer and closer, I need your help, please help me," Mohamed pleads. 

Video: Gift of the Givers.

Gift of the Givers' Imtiaz Sooliman in a statement confirmed that the organisation had received the proof of life video, months after receiving the first proof of life document.

"On January 8, 2018, the first proof of life was received in the form of answers to ten very personal questions which only Shiraaz could answer. 

"The answers were accurate and Shiraaz's family had no doubt that it was from him. It has been a very difficult period engaging large networks of people to trace Shiraaz's whereabouts. 

"The proof of life video, made on 13 April 2019, arrived by WhatsApp at 10pm on 26 April. Shiraaz's family was very emotional, ecstatic, full of hope and grateful to the Almighty. They knew for certain that Shiraaz was alive."

Sooliman explained that Gift of the Givers received the video following an significant event on April 12. 

"Valuable information has been assimilated over his period of captivity. The video presents significant information. We can't explain details for now as many lives would be in danger," he explained in the statement. 

In a short statement late on Sunday night, the international relations and cooperation department (Dirco) said it had noted the statement and video clip issued by Gift of the Givers.

"Dirco has been in contact with the family and will continue to liaise with the family on the matter. No further information will be given by Dirco and no media interviews will be conducted by Dirco due to the sensitivity of the matter," it said. 

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