The woman in the sex scandal video involving rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen has finally spoken out, and insisted that it is indeed him in the video, according to Rapport newspaper.

Van der Westhuizen has been in the spotlight since a video surfaced that purported to show him having sex with a stripper while snorting a white powder.

He has denied that the stud in the video was him and said he did not take drugs.

However, the woman in the video, 24-year-old Marilize van Emmenis, has now accused him of lying about their encounter and his use of drugs.

She said Van der Westhuizen had asked her for the drug Cat on several occasions, and sometimes brought it along when they engaged in sexual acts.

She said people did not believe her claims that the rugby icon used drugs, but she was adamant that he had taken them in her presence.

The stripper made the accusation in an interview with Rapport, which published pictures of her in the lingerie she wore on the day of her alleged encounter with the former Blue Bulls skipper.

A tattoo on her back is identical to the one that appears on the woman in the video.

Van Emmenis said she wanted to expose him because he wasn't the upright and moral role-model he claimed to be, because he took drugs and cheated on his wife.

When the video was filmed, she was working as a stripper at Teazers in Pretoria.

Not even her mother knew that Van Emmenis was making money by stripping at the club.

She said she was not proud about what happened, and that the whole ordeal had negatively affected her and her family.

She showed the bag in which she apparently placed the camera to film the whole encounter, and claimed that when the video was filmed, it was not the first time that she had performed sexual acts with Van der Westhuizen.

She said their relationship had started as far back as 2005.

Snippets from the video posted on the Heat magazine website show clips taken from when she first placed the camera in the bathroom, and include clips of them performing sexual acts.

She claimed that she spoke to Van der Westhuizen's private investigator, who had asked her whether she was indeed the woman who appeared in the video.

However, she denied that she actually had sex with Van der Westhuizen, claiming that she had only teased him.

Van der Westhuizen last week dropped attempts to take the matter to court, claiming that it could drag on for a long time and have a negative effect on his marriage and children.

Van Emmenis's parents said they sympathised with their daughter and with Van der Westhuizen's three children, Rapport reported.

The family said they were distancing themselves from the saga as they had been unaware of it until it appeared in the media.