Kids watch as dogs kill owner

Published Nov 19, 2008


By Angelique Serrao

An elderly woman was mauled to death by her own pit bull-terriers in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg yesterday.

Witnesses said Grace Page, in her 70's, was watering her garden when a group of children asked if they could have some peaches from her tree.

At that moment her black male American pit bull-terrier found its way through a fence that separated the dogs from the front garden.

Neighbour Errol Jacobs said the dog attacked Page for no reason.

He jumped up and tore her cheek off. When she fell to the ground the dog immediately started biting at her face.

"If you've seen the movie Face Off, you'll know what it was like. Her one eye lay next to her and you could see the white of her scalp. I am shaking just thinking about it," said Jacobs.

A female dog also made her way to the front garden and joined the attack. Jacobs said the dogs would not let go of Page, even though neighbours threw boiling water, stones and bricks at them. It was only after police arrived that the dogs were shot.

Police had to climb on to the roof of the house to shoot the dogs. Jacobs said even after three shots to the head, the male dog was still aggressively pacing the yard.

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