The two men accused of murdering Marang House founder Dr Pieter Ernst both received 22-year-prison terms at the Johannesburg High Court on Friday.

The 48-year-old victim was a respected medical doctor and founder of Marang House, a non-profit organisation that cares for children suffering from illnesses ranging from chronic renal failure to diabetes.

He was shot dead outside his farm near Magaliesburg on July 29, 2005, while en-route to pay his workers.

In a statement, the victim's eldest son Pieter Ernst Jr, said both accused were found guilty and each sentenced to an effective 22-year prison sentence on a count of murder, armed robbery, and possession of an unlicenced firearm.

"I am very thankful for the continued interest in the trial, but am nonetheless glad that it's over," Ernst Jr said.

"I want to commend the Johannesburg High Court and state advocate Preshelia Ranchhod for their work as it was not an easy trial," he said.

After immigrating from the Netherlands, Dr Ernst worked at several public hospitals in South Africa.

Through his work, he realised that ill children were "literally living in hospitals", which he felt was not the ideal environment for recovery.

He purchased a property behind his surgery to provide a home for these children.

In 1998, Ernst established Marang House, which is now home to more than 70 ill children. - Sapa