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Friday, December 8, 2023

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2.1-metre black mamba found lounging in garden of Verulam home

The 2.1-metre black mamba found lounging in the garden of a Verulam home.

The 2.1-metre black mamba found lounging in the garden of a Verulam home.

Published Feb 20, 2023


Durban - A Verulam family slept easier last night knowing that a 2.1-metre black mamba was out of their yard.

Hillcrest snake catcher David John, 29, said he received a call that a gardener had spotted a snake in a pile of wood.

“I told the caller that there wasn’t much of a chance of catching the snake as it might have moved off so didn’t want to waste their money on a call-out fee when the chances of finding the snake were slim.”

John said the caller was insistent that he come check it out, so he went.

“On arrival I found a huge pile of wood. With the heat it took me about 40 minutes to move the wood and still no sign of the snake.”

David John.

He said below the pile of wood were six bathroom basins.

“They were stacked up against each other, providing the perfect hiding place for a snake.

“Eventually after flipping four basins over there was nothing but then I flipped the fifth one over and there it was, a nice-sized black mamba.

“I managed to catch it and secure it relatively easily.”

John said the male mamba was in the process of shedding its skin.

He said the family were very grateful.

John, who works as an environmental officer, has been catching snakes since September.

“Well, I have been catching snakes for a long time, but after I did a snake course, I thought why not. I have always loved nature and any wildlife.”

John said the mamba would be safely released far away from people.


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