Commissioners Vasu Gounden, chairman Marumo Moerane and Professor Cheryl Potgieter. File photo: African News Agency/ANA

DURBAN – The ANC is politically intolerant, has no qualms about violating the rights and bodies of black people and uses its political dominance to control state organs the way the Apartheid government used to, an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) representatives told the Moerane Commission of inquiry on Friday. 

The allegations were made at the inquiry into political killings in KwaZulu-Natal, being held in Durban, where EFF representatives were testifying on Friday.

After presenting a table to commissioners detailing cases of violence allegedly perpetrated against EFF KwaZulu-Natal members by ANC members, EFF Deputy secretary-general, Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi, said that reporting cases to law enforcement agencies “yields no fruit; there are never arrests or any resolutions of cases”.

“We have suffered from the ANC violence; we have experienced them as a politically intolerant people who find it so easy to hurt black people,” said Mkhaliphi.

She told commissioners that there was no other political party in KwaZulu-Natal that was as intolerant of the EFF as the ANC was.

Other party representatives including national spokesperson, Dr. Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, joined her in presenting to the commission, while several party supporters clad in EFF regalia filled the gallery.

“We know for sure that [ANC] influence often extends to the very police who often do not act when ANC people disrupt meetings. They often stand on the side and watch as publicly approved meetings of the EFF get disrupted violently by the ANC,” said Mkhaliphi.

She said that although the ANC was portrayed as the leader of society, the party had failed to resolve violence using the South African Police Services (SAPS), “and we are of the opinion that this is because the violence is perpetrated by themselves,” said Mkhaliphi.

“In historic terms, we were all led to believe that it is the [Inkatha Freedom Party] IFP that was violently intolerant, and the ANC was the one fighting for a free, peaceful, inclusive and democratic South Africa. Having formed only five years ago, 19 years after democracy, it is not the IFP that is violently intolerant to political contestation against us; it is the ANC,” she said.  

“Under this government’s watch blacks can be killed with impunity, anywhere, anytime, as it was the case in colonisation proper. This is not the case with white people and their sufferings in general; when blacks lack water, it is not a crisis, but when white people lack water, it is a crisis,” she said.

Responding to questions from evidence leader, advocate Bheki Manyathi, Ndlozi said the police only acted when instructed to do so by the ANC. The ruling party’s extensive patronage network could also be seen in its influencing voters with things like food parcels, he said.

“They have the influence over not just law enforcement agencies, but over other departments of the state. They are using it the same way the Apartheid nationalist party used to use these institutions,” he said.

African News Agency/ANA