Kalvin Periasamy
Kalvin Periasamy

As Bloods Gang boss's family mourns, widow of man he allegedly killed rejoices

By Nathan Craig Time of article published Jun 10, 2019

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While one widow grieved, another rejoiced over the death of Kalvin Periasamy, a Phoenix taxi and tow truck boss.

Periasamy, 30, the alleged leader of the Bloods Gang, was gunned down in the parking lot after leaving the gym at Gateway Theatre of Shopping on Thursday.

Periasamy, together with Shaffique Cassim, 24, and Abdul Kader Latiff, 37, were accused of the murder of Enver Ramsamy in 2016. Periasamy, was out on R10 000 bail.

He, his brother Kevin and five others were charged in a separate matter for the possession of two pistols, a shotgun, 64 live rounds of ammunition, 1836 heroin caps, 138 heroin straws, 80 large crack cocaine pieces, 30 mandrax tablets, three bags of cocaine, two ecstasy pills and 186g of dagga when police conducted a raid at their house in January last year. 

Police also found R97 156 in their property.

The men face more than 30 charges, including drug dealing, crimen injuria, robbery, intimidation, kidnapping and assault.

His widow, Geraldine, said she was too traumatised to speak and asked that his cousin, Chantelle, comment on her behalf.

Chantelle said Periasamy’s killer was a coward who ambushed a well-loved and legitimate businessman.

“People made him out to be a drug lord, but he was never charged. He ran successful businesses that created jobs. He was a man of honour, a good man, but now all these bitter people who didn’t even know him are making disgusting comments about his character.

“It is a cruel world filled with judgemental people, but justice must be served,” she said.

She said the person who videoed and photographed the scene should be the first person the police hunt down.

“All the videos and photos were all over social media before the police even arrived. His poor children were seeing these horrendous images before they even knew what happened.

“How is it that this killer knew where to find him?,” she added.

However, Ramsamy’s wife, Shireen, said her husband’s soul could now rest in peace and that they finally had justice and closure.

“It is not something we are proud to say, but we are happy with what happened. We would never wish this on anybody, but what you do to others will be done unto you,” said Ramsamy.

The mother of two blamed Periasamy for destroying her family and many others’.

“We prayed and left it in God’s hands and now this has happened. He lay there just like my husband lay there three years ago,” said Ramsamy.

She said that when she broke the news to her youngest daughter her reply was “finally”.

“All we ever wanted was for justice to be served and for our wounds to heal. Now that can begin and we can begin to move on,” said Ramsamy.

After the shooting, people took to social media to express their views.

A Facebook comment read: “Now the family will know how every mother cried for her child. Now they will know how it is to say goodbye to their child while everyone laughs. Now they will know how each widow felt when her breadwinner was taken away. 

"They will feel what mothers felt as tears rolled down their eyes crying for their children as they went on the streets for drugs selling things from their homes stealing their grandparents’ pension money for drugs. 

"Now they will know how a mother feels when she (has) nothing and she has to fend for her kids, she will know what is a sleepless night worrying about what her kids are going to eat the next day. As every mother that cried for her child so will you now.”

Another person wrote on Facebook: “Yoh crazy. Justice at last. Sorry but I have no sympathy. Police shouldn’t waste taxpayers money in investigating. Just be happy this world has one less thug”

Police Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed that a case of murder had been opened and was being investigated by Durban North SAPS.

“It is alleged that on Thursday a 30-year-old man sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was declared dead at the scene.” Periasamy was buried on Saturday.

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