Former President Jacob Zuma will not go to jail, says astrologist Priscilla Olivier and Durban-based sangoma Makhosi Ngcobo.

Zuma is set to appear in the Durban High Court on Friday to face 16 charges ranging from fraud to corruption and racketeering.

Olivier said she had studied Zuma’s date of birth and found he would regret some of his actions, but would not spend time behind bars.

“Considering Zuma’s age, I believe he would gain more sympathy. His sense of spirit is childlike in that he tends to get drawn into uncomfortable situations and is quite trusting as a child would be,” she said.

Olivier also found Zuma had a secretive personality and predicted his trial would be postponed. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if later in the day, something surprising or unusual happens,” she said.

“Unfortunately, like many wealthy people, he will believe he is above the law and untouchable, therefore he will not receive a heavy sentence and I doubt will spend time behind bars.”

Ngcobo, who used bones to predict Zuma’s fate, said he would not go to jail. “His case will take years to resolve. There will also be many twists and those who push for the charges will also be implicated.”

He said Zuma’s close allies would betray him, but he would find new supporters.

Indian astrologer Mahesh Bang also believed Zuma’s trial would be delayed. “In Zuma’s chart, the planet moon is greatly affected by two malefic planets. Because of this he was pushed to resign. In 2020, the planet Saturn will transit over the Capricorn sign, inevitably causing more hurdles in Zuma’s life,” he said.

“During the period of Saturn over Capricorn, Zuma must be cautious about his health. He will be acquitted on some charges and found guilty of others,” Bang added.

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