The vehicle drives off after striking motorist Rob Deventer’s vehicle.

Rob Deventer posted a video on Youtube, shot in the KZN Midlands, which shows a utility vehicle rapidly approaching his car from behind, striking his vehicle and then refusing to stop.

The incident is captured in shots looking back at the approaching vehicle and footage facing the front that show the blue light vehicle swinging over as the road narrows due to roadworks and making impact with the front left side of the driver’s car.

The incident occurs on the N3 in the vicinity of the R107 exit at Howick/Tweedie.

Van Deventer, in his comments accompanying the video, writes: “Driving Westerly 2kms on the N3 from exit 107. I was not able to go into left lane due to slow trucks. A blue light vehicle comes from behind, passes then brakes in from of me causing damage to my vehicle. They proceed to drive off.”

The identity of the “official” vehicle or who was behind the wheel has not been established. It appears that the vehicle and another following it drive off with no intention of stopping.