Durban21012014 A copy of a picture of Ian Henry who has gone missing.Picture:Marilyn Bernard

Durban - The wife of Bluff businessman Ian Henry has been advised by his doctor not to speak about the details of his ordeal as it could delay his recovery.

Trish Henry said on Sunday that her husband had been found in a dehydrated state slumped over in his car at the Suncoast casino complex.

She said he was “fine” and was recovering at an undisclosed hospital.

She said she had been advised by his doctor not to speak about him for fear it could delay his recovery.

Henry, a business partner at Bluff Meat Supplies, went missing on Monday. He was found early on Thursday at Suncoast by a security guard.

Trish said her family had been disturbed by rumours that they were hiding something regarding his disappearance.

“It is not true what people insinuate about this whole thing. It has been a terrible week for us all, including his business partners,” she said.

“We have been torn apart by some of the distasteful comments passed on by some people in social forums. His doctor told me not to talk about it. We have to respect (the) doctor’s advice otherwise Ian’s (health) could deteriorate.”

“He has been removed from a high-care facility. He is probably going for more tests today.”

Trish said her husband also had a terrible ear infection.

She said that when Ian was found at about 2am on Thursday he was in a bad way.

“His kidneys had been badly affected because of dehydration. He had slumped (over) in his car. We are grateful to all those who helped with the search,” she said.

Henry’s business partner, Calven Robinson, has pleaded with Facebook commentators to give the family a break.

A statement attributed to him was posted on private investigator Brad Nathanson’s Facebook page on Friday.

Robinson reportedly said: “…(A)midst huge speculation and rumours I have decided to put all to bed and give you the ‘real’ story. To the disappointment of some very strange people out there – there is no story.

“Our business is a very stressful one and we have just come out of a very stressful Christmas season. Ian suffered a breakdown due to stress…” the post read.

“Ian was found alone and very ill – he is a brain cancer survivor and fought a long, tiring battle against this disease. There is no ‘other’ woman and no issues between Ian and his company.”

The post continued: “Ian has not touched a drop of alcohol for many years and does not gamble. There is no sensational story – just a man who has been through a stressful time and who broke down – who amongst us can state quite positively that it could never happen to us?

“His family have done no wrong – please stop the comments and speculation; it is cruel and pointless.”

Robinson could not be reached for comment by time of publication.

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