Rape survivor Jes Foord, founder of the Jes Foord Foundation, and husband, Jono, are expecting twins this March. Picture: Thomas Holder

Durban - IT will be a double blessing for local heroine, Jes Foord, and her husband, Jono, who will welcome their twins into the world in March.

“My husband was convinced from the first home test that it would be twins,” Jes told the Daily News on Tuesday. “He just had a feeling. I had been really nauseous and was hospitalised twice for dehydration, so when we went for the first scan and we saw the heartbeat, I asked the doctor if there was another heartbeat and he found it!”

She said the sex of the babies would remain a surprise until their birth, which is set for March 12 at Hillcrest Hospital.

Jes became a household name in KwaZulu-Natal when she established the Jes Foord Foundation after she was attacked by four men. As a rape survivor, Jes has gone on to help countless other women overcome the trauma of rape through her foundation.

“So many people have been on this journey with me, from the rape to the court case to my engagement, wedding and now this, the cherry on top.

“My message to other women is that there is life after rape. People will love you, you will find a man to marry you, and you aren’t damaged goods.”

Besides the initial nausea, Jes said she had not experienced problems during the pregnancy and was excited, and a touch nervous, about the prospect of becoming a parent.

“My husband is very excited but also exhausted, having to put cots together and hang curtains in the nursery, so he’s probably glad to be back at work!”

Jes and Jono, both 27, were married in 2011.

Despite her traumatic rape, Jes said she was positive about South Africa and would be honest with her children.

“I will tell them what happened and explain the world to them. I want them to have a normal childhood but also to be aware and understand.”

Asked if she planned to have more children after the twins, Jes said she would love to.

“Jono said he’d like another kid but only if we can guarantee it’ll be just one!”

Although Jes is on maternity leave until mid-May, the Jes Foord Foundation will continue to operate with the opening of the Multi-Purpose Community Centre Project at the start of March. The centre, which will be based in Mariannridge, will provide emergency trauma response and continuing trauma counselling services to the community.

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