Durban Girls College. Picture: Facebook
Durban Girls College. Picture: Facebook

Durban Girls College probes racism allegations as former pupils speak out

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Jun 5, 2020

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Durban - Durban Girls College (DGC) has ordered an investigation into allegations of racism levelled after a number of former pupils took to social media to talk about racism at the school. 

Earlier this week, two videos were shared on Instagram, with former pupils sharing how they experienced racism at the elite Durban school. 

In the first video, which has been seen more than 40 000 times and has over 400 comments, one of the pupils said she and a black classmate were reprimanded for speaking during class after they told a teacher that white girls had told the black pupil that she was not invited to a party as it was "for white girls only".

The Indian pupil further speaks of how she had to cut off her red string in front of a teacher. 

Another pupil said she was part of a hockey tour and another pupil told her that one of her classmates was only selected for the tour because of her skin colour. The girl said the player was picked because of "BEE" (affirmative action).

A pupil, who said she was only at the school for one year, said a teacher at the school called her a dog. She claimed that the school did not allow black girls to sit together, without a teacher being present. 

In a second video, which has been seen over 12 000 times with more than 80 comments, a former pupil said white girls had complained about black girls in the boarding house speaking isiZulu. 

In response to the videos and subsequent comments on social media, the school said they had set up a team to engage with parents, pupils, teachers and past pupils.

"A series of Conversation Circles will be dedicated to providing an additional platform for ongoing discussion and the existing diversity and exclusivity committee, elected and led by the pupils themselves, will assist in the process," the school said. 

DGC said they had a zero-tolerance stance towards racist behaviour.

"The board takes these claims seriously and they will be investigated thoroughly," the school said. 


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