Nick Evans with a black mamba at a previous rescue.
Nick Evans with a black mamba at a previous rescue.

Durban snake catcher’s surprise: 4 venomous snake calls on 1 Westville road

By Lee Lawler Time of article published Oct 13, 2021

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Durban – A call-out for a venomous snake rescue in the Westville area is not unusual for Durban snake catcher, Nick Evans.

However, on Tuesday, Evans the star of the satellite reality show, Snake Season, was blown away when he got calls from four different residents in one Westville road after they spotted four venomous snakes on their properties – three Mozambique spitting cobras and a black mamba.

Recounting the high drama of Tuesday on his Facebook page, Evans said he was called out to a road in Westville for a Mozambique Spitting Cobra by a garage entrance.

“I won’t mention the road, in case I cause a mass exodus of residents, although they should already be used to snakes there,” he said.

“While enroute, I got another call for a Mozambique Spitting Cobra – on the same road! This one had gone under a patio. I went to this one first, as it sounded more like the snake could come out at any moment. My hopes weren’t high, as I had tried catching cobras under this patio before, unsuccessfully. Well, I couldn’t find it. So I went down to the next house. I couldn’t find that one either,” Evans said.

He said that while talking to the homeowner at the second call he got another call for another Mozambique Spitting Cobra – on the same road – the third sighting in less than hour.

“I raced up the road, in impressive response time. Admittedly, I didn’t have much hope. The cobra was seen by a gabion (massive amount of rocks in a cage-like structure holding up an embankment). Sure enough, the cobra had gone inside. While searching for it with a torch, I could hear it hissing loudly, but just couldn’t get a visual. Even if I did, getting it out of there would be a nightmare. The dog had been spat at, but the owners acted fast, rinsing it’s eyes out with water,” he said.

It was third time unlucky for the snake catcher.

He said that as he reversed out of the driveway he saw a neighbour who he knew as she is frequently visited by snakes in her garden.

“While explaining this incredible experience, my phone rang. It was her husband. I presumed he was telling me to say hi, or look at an interesting bird in his garden (he gets tonnes). To my absolute astonishment, he was calling because there was a Black Mamba in his garden. ‘I’m at your gate!’, I yelled, and ran in. Definitely my record response time! My record response time wasn’t enough. The mamba fled, going through the fence and into the bush.” Evans said.

“Four venomous snakes in one road, all within about 2 hours of each other. Absolutely incredible! And how awful was my luck? Not even a visual of a single snake! Goodness. Still, it was fun nonetheless!”.


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