Shop assistant, Jo-Anne Hendricks, is seen here working by torch light . Photo: Jason Boud
Shop assistant, Jo-Anne Hendricks, is seen here working by torch light . Photo: Jason Boud

Eskom implements Stage 2 load shedding from midday today

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Nov 11, 2021

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Durban - Loadshedding has been downgraded from Stage 3 to Stage 2.

On Thursday, Eskom announced that Stage 2 would be implemented from midday and that power cuts would end on Friday at 5am.

Earlier this week, Eskom implemented Stage 4 and later Stage 3 load shedding to allow the utility to fully replenish its emergency generation reserves.

"While Eskom regrets the escalation in load shedding, it is necessary to ration the remaining emergency generation reserves, which have been utilised extensively this morning as we are not getting the reduction in demand as expected from the implementation of Stage 2 load shedding,“ it said at the time.

“It was anticipated that an additional seven units would have returned to service by Monday, and this has not materialised. Further, a generating unit at Arnot power station tripped, contributing to the shortages.”

Eskom has meanwhile threatened legal action against several big metros and other key industrial sites which it claims are not heeding instructions to implement load shedding.

The power utility has also threatened to carry out compulsory load shedding if these entities continue to fail to comply with the directive.

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter trended on social media this week, with hundreds calling for his resignation as the country faced rolling blackouts. However, he said he would not step down.

De Ruyter, during a media briefing, said he served at the pleasure of the Eskom board and if it wanted him to resign it was one thing, but he would not do it of his own accord.

“I understand that there are frustrations that we are not achieving our objectives as quickly as we would like to, but these frustrations will not be resolved by changing jockeys now,” he added.


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