File picture: Supplied by ER24

Drurban -  A man has been found shot dead next to the side of the road near Umgababa, south of Durban on Friday night and shortly thereafter a critically injured pedestrian was found nearby, paramedics said.
Paramedics from ER24 were called to the N2 south near the Umgababa off-ramp at about 8pm for a man that sustained a gunshot wound, ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak said.

"It is understood that the police noticed a vehicle on the side of the road and investigated. They found the man near his vehicle and called for paramedics. Sadly, there was nothing that paramedics could do for him and he was declared dead on the scene."
When paramedics left the scene, they came across a pedestrian who was knocked down on the opposite side of the road near the Umgababa off-ramp. The 33-year-old man was found lying on the side of the road with multiple injuries. He was treated on the scene for multiple fractures and abrasions before he was transported to a nearby hospital.
"The vehicle that apparently collided with the pedestrian was not found on the scene when paramedics arrived. The exact circumstances surrounding the two incidents are not yet known. Police attended the scenes and will investigate," Vermaak said.
African News Agency