Cape Town - 110712 - Dominique Francis, SPCA animal care assistant is seen here with the mother dog (and her puppies) that allegedly bit Ivile Ntlanwini, 4, of Sweet Home Farm. Story: Barbara Maregele Picture: David Ritchie

Durban - Far fewer pets were lost or injured compared to previous years, said SPCA spokeswoman Caroline Smith.

However, it had not been due to a drop in the use of fireworks – she attributed it to pet owners being more responsible this time around.

“This year, we have sold approximately 14 000 calming tablets and local vets have also been dispensing them,” she said.

The SPCA had four strays brought in, and one had already been collected by its owners by Wednesday morning.

“Two of these strays have microchips and their owners will be collecting them from our shelter in Durban North and Asherville,” Smith said.

She said the final stray, a Jack Russell puppy found in Chatsworth on Tuesday night, had not yet been collected.

“The puppy had critical pelvis and spinal injuries and had to be humanely put down. The injuries are possibly from being hit by a vehicle.”

She said they were still receiving “lost” reports from the public and the trend usually carried on for a week or so.

“One of our Facebook friends posted that she had found her dog dead on the M7 freeway this morning,” she said.

Smit appealed to pet owners who had lost their pets to file a lost report with their local SPCA and vets. – Daily News