DURBAN: 050612 Top Gear Festival Director Hannah Cabral. PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Roaring engines, high revs and slick rides may all seem like what a man’s dream is made of.

However, one of Durban’s most anticipated events has a feminine touch in the form of Top Gear Festival director Hannah Cabral.

Cabral, based in Cape Town, admits she did not always have an interest in cars but the festival ignited a new passion.

“I do like cars, however to be honest, they were never my first love.”

Working for Top Gear Festivals has meant she is getting more into them.

Cabral’s involvement in the festival was born out of one of SA’s other major events.

“I met Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Hughes, managing director for Top Gear Festival, at the final of the World Cup. It was the coldest evening ever and the game went into extra time.”

After the game she and the Top Gear team were able to cement their business relationship.

Cabral says the Top Gear presenters love coming to SA and local audiences love them – which has kept them motivated. “They bring a fantastic vibe to the audience and are full of their usual antics… it is a live show, so you never know what might happen.”

Asked what her favourite parts of the event are, Cabral says she would be spoilt for choice.

“There are so many things we are doing for the first time – first time in Durban, first time in a stadium and the first time Top Gear Festival is putting on a street circuit.

“And then there is everything else – the exhibition area, stunt school, FMX; there are so many highlights.”

She describes this Top Gear event to be a “a motoring heaven” with lots on offer for carfanatics.

“Fans should expect to be entertained and, to get the best out of their day, they should go onto our website, and check out the ‘Plan your Day’ section to make sure that they get to see everything that the festival has to offer.”.

Cabral promises the Top Gear event will be one of the best.

“The event will put Durban on the map for hosting yet another major live event and as a city that knows how to host them. This is the biggest audience to date for a Top Gear Live event.

“There are plans for other parts of the world, you’ll just have to watch this space. We will be back next year and the year after that, and are so happy to be having our event in ‘the Warmest Place to Be’,” she said. - The Mercury

* IOL’s Benita Enoch will be attending the Top Gear Festival. Follow her on twitter for live coverage and pictures: @BENiTAsays