A rivetting read, the newly available 20 Months in Hostage Hell, by Debbie Calitz (with Ulrike Hill), published by Penguin, is sure to find its way into a Christmas stocking.

This is the harrowing, true story of Calitz and her partner, Bruno Pelizzari, setting sail from Dar es Salaam in October 2010 and never guessing that they would be making a voyage into the depths of hell.

Three days into their journey as crew on board the yacht Choizil, the vessel was captured by Somali pirates who held Calitz and Pelizzari for ransom.

For 20 months, the pair were made to live in dark rooms while they were moved countless times between different locations with captors who subjected them - but especially Calitz - to horrors.

The book has Calitz revealing the details of their ordeal and their eventual rescue. It is a tale of overwhelming courage from a woman who overcame all odds when freedom and dignity were a distant memory.

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