‘I am the first born in my family, the first to go to varsity and both my parents are unemployed,’ medical doctor graduates summa cum laude

Thembelihle Angel Maziya. Picture: UKZN

Thembelihle Angel Maziya. Picture: UKZN

Published May 7, 2024


The sky is the limit for Thembelihle Angel Maziya who completed the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s (UKZN) “difficult” MBChB programme, summa cum laude.

Maziya, 24, beat the odds to become the first person in her family to attend university.

“Hard work pays,” she quips.

According to UKZN Maziya was the only black female of 14 students who completed UKZN’s difficult MBChB programme, summa cum laude.

After matriculating from Highveld Secondary School in a small village in Tjakastad in Mpumalanga, Maziya she was “happy to be home” and servicing her community as a medical intern at Rob Ferreira Hospital in Nelspruit.

“It feels good and it gives me a sense of accomplishment, it makes me believe that nothing is impossible if you give it your all and put God by your side. I honestly feel very honoured, and I’m grateful to God for making such possible for me,” she said.

When asked what was her secret to success Maziya said she was able to get my priorities straight.

“Which involved me organising my study material early, finding a suitable learning style for myself, and seeking help when needed,” Maziya said.

“I would often go the extra mile when trying to gather data to understand some chapters and sometimes join study groups and watch YouTube videos.”

On her choice of medicine, Maziya said she was a person who appreciated science.

“I am a lifelong learner, knowing that medicine is rooted in science and is a dynamic profession made me want to take the role of improving the health of people based on science and continue learning new things every day.”

Maziya said her greatest support was her family and the friends she made in medical school.

“I am the first born in my family, the first one to go to varsity and both my parents are unemployed,” Maziya said.

“My greatest motivation to complete the degree, was the fact that I had to study to get my family out of poverty and to be able to afford my own basic needs of life and of course to go back and serve my community in Mpumalanga of which is what I am doing.”

She aspires to specialise in either obstetrics and gynaecology or surgery.

“I also want to invest in property and get in the logistics business,’ said the visionary.“

In her free time Maziya loves travelling, gardening, swimming and bowling.

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