Murder accused Nicolette Lotter. Photo: Sibusiso Ndlovu
Murder accused Nicolette Lotter. Photo: Sibusiso Ndlovu

I was raped by tokoloshe - Lotter

By Time of article published Nov 10, 2011

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Murder accused Nicolette Lotter had been spiritually raped by a tokoloshe as a result of witchcraft by her domestic worker, the Durban High Court heard on Wednesday.

She testified that she sought help without success to stop the frequent spiritual violations.

Eventually she met Mathew Naidoo and “this thing left me” when they were intimate, she told the court.

“I was so grateful that this thing had gone and was not raping me anymore. I was relieved, I thought that this guy was so godly, so good.”

Nicolette and her brother Hardus, 23, and Naidoo, 25, are accused of murdering the siblings’ parents, Maria Magdalena, 52 and Johannes Petrus, 53, at their Westville, Durban home on July 19, 2008.

The Lotter children claim they were influenced by Naidoo.

Nicolette, 29, testified on Wednesday how she believed Naidoo when he told her he was the third son of God and how she had “even met God” who had spoken through Naidoo.

Naidoo told her that her father was a satanist, did not love his children, and had affairs.

He said her mother only married for money and was looking at other men to have affairs with them.

Nicolette, who was a music student, told the court she had severe personal problems, caused by the family's domestic worker, and she was tormented when she was around.

Nicolette started having nightmares, found dead frogs, chicken feet and snake skins at her house.

Then “something spiritual was violating my body at the end of 2005, beginning of 2006,” she said.

“In my sleep I would dream of being sexually violated and eventually during the day. I felt like something was sleeping with me. I did not want to sleep with anyone who could not make it stop.”

Something was also pulling her hair and it was painful. These experiences became more frequent as time went on.

She could not focus on her studies and decided to get help as she was desperate and scared of her domestic worker.

She went to eight ministries but no one could help her.

Finally, she ended up at the house of friends of Naidoo, who she first thought was loud, irritating and attention-seeking.

And because of her problem she did not really communicate with men.

When he later texted her, she felt bad about ignoring him.

She eventually met him for prayer and told him about her problem.

He was sympathetic, believed her and said God wanted him to help her.

“I was open to getting any help because I really, really needed it.”

Naidoo prayed for her, asked her to marry him and they started a relationship.

He gave her a thin gold ring and told her she was his soulmate and that God meant them to be together.

Naidoo later told her that her father had paid for the witchcraft against her and that had shocked her.

He also told her that her father wanted to sleep with her.

She was then afraid of her father and kept her distance and withdrew from her parents emotionally.

Naidoo spoke to her in the voices of angels and demons and had several different personalities and several voices.

On one occasion, after she had drunk two shooters, Naidoo punched her in the face with his fist because she was not supposed to consume alcohol as the servant of God.

She said Naidoo's guardian angel was rebuking her and said that God also spoke through Naidoo to tell her she must not consume alcohol.

The voice was very deep and authoritative.

Naidoo told her she was one of 12 people who had to do good works in the world along with her brother.

Her new name was Mary and her brother's new name was Luke.

The trial continues on Thursday. - Sapa

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