This woman has offered to carry a child for Thoba Sithole-Modisane and Tshepo Modisane-Sithole.

Durban - A gay couple’s search for a surrogate mother may soon be over as a 34-year-old Durban woman has offered to bear a child for them.

The woman, from Inanda Newtown A, north of Durban, says she is willing to help Thoba Sithole-Modisane and Tshepo Modisane-Sithole fulfil their dream by conceiving via artificial insemination.

The Good Samaritan, who has asked to remain anonymous, has three daughters as well as a boyfriend.

She’s so determined to help the couple – free of charge - that she’s prepared to risk her relationship with her boy-friend. Her mother, who is a staunch Christian, is dead-set against the idea of surrogacy.

She said her resolve to conceive a child for someone else has become even stronger after her boyfriend forced her to turn down a similar request last year from a married woman who could not conceive.

“I want to help them experience the joy of having a child of their own. I want them to be a happy family just like every other happily married couple. I strongly believe that a child plays a major role in securing a relationship between married people and I think I am the perfect woman to do the surrogacy,” she said.

“My boyfriend and I have talked about this and he told me that if I continue with the surrogacy, it will be the end of our relationship.

“I understand very well why he doesn’t want me to do it, but I believe I have to make my own choice. Being able to help and see this couple happy will set my soul free, which is the reason why I really don’t think I should listen to what others think of surrogacy. But people need to understand that there is no sexual intercourse done during the surrogacy process.”

She is even prepared to move away from her family and boyfriend during the pregnancy.

“I am prepared to do anything. I want to make sure that my daughters don’t see me during the pregnancy because I really don’t want that to affect them emotionally when they grow up.”

The couple set tongues wagging when they got married while dressed in traditional Zulu regalia at Thoba’s home in KwaDukuza (Stanger) last year.

Zulu traditionalists condemned the nuptials, saying that gay marriages were culturally unacceptable.

Tshepo, an audit manager at a Joburg firm, said the couple would make arrangements to meet their child’s would-be surrogate mother.

“Of course, we are excited that someone has responded to our call. We want to discuss the procedure and the legal implications with her before taking this step.”

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