President Jacob Zuma greets Busani Khuzwayo, guitarist and dancer from the maskandi group Izingane Zoma at the Durban ICC. File picture: eThekwini Municipality/Facebook

Durban - Jacob Zuma's staunch supporter Izingane Zoma, a multi-award winning Maskandi group, has vowed to support the former president until his last day.

This was stressed by the group founder and leader Shobeni Khuzwayo, who is also an ANC Ward Councillor in Nqutu Municipality.

Izingane Zoma and Zuma's relationship could be traced back when Zuma faced corruption and rape charges between 2005 and 2009. 

The group would attend the court composing and pumping songs in support of Zuma, on their minibusses, whenever Zuma appeared in court.

Khuzwayo said nothing had changed, the group was still devising a plan on how it would execute its mission to support Zuma again.

"He is our leader and we believe that he is innocent until he is proven guilty. We have planned a meeting where we discussed our plan to support our genuine leader who never forgotten where he comes from," said Khuzwayo.

Last year, when Zuma attended the Essence Festival in Durban, he presented the Maskandi group with a gift of a minibus for supporting him during tough times.

Twelve years ago Zuma was acquitted of raping the daughter of a former comrade, and Izingane Zoma released their song “uMsholozi” praising him.

Picture: eThekwini Municipality/Facebook

The track, which became popular among his supporters and won the best selling song, accused Zuma rape accuser, the late Fezeka Ntsukela Kuzwayo, of having manufactured the allegations to distract him from ascending to the presidency.

When Zuma handed over the minibus keys to the group, he said: “I remember when I was facing a criminal charge, which was not a criminal charge but was made to be a criminal charge. They (group) were always there to defend me.

“You supported me when things were very bad. That is why I said I will never forget you, and when I got my little bonus from my employer I decided to give you a gift,” Zuma said.

Asked whether the group would do the same, Khuzwayo said their songs are composed based on matters of interest. 

"We haven't composed songs in support of Zuma yet, but when the time is due they would consider all interesting issues in the country including Zuma's trial.

"He is one of our supporters and he enjoys Maskandi music, our songs always speak about what is happening whether politically, social even internationally,” he said.

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