Kasilal Singh was denied bail. Picture: File
Durban - The children of the man accused of slitting their mother’s throat and setting their home on fire, want him to remain behind bars.

This week, Verulam magistrate Rajesh Parshotam denied bail to 43-year-old, Kasilal Singh who allegedly murdered his wife, Avina, last month.

Singh faces a charge of murder and arson.

Singh’s defence attorney Rajendra Nathalal argued in favour of bail being granted citing his mental health, diabetes and that he provided emotional and financial support to his two minor daughters, 17 and 10.

Nathalal added that his client had not planned the incident, nor would he be a risk to either himself or others.

He also told the court that his client required a forensic psychologist and insulin, which he required three times a day.

State prosecutor Winnie Mlangeni argued that he was both a danger to himself and his children, who would be State witnesses.

“The accused attempted suicide in 2015. He killed their mother and burnt her. He burnt down his children’s shelter. He has a history of abuse.”

Mlangeni said Westville Prison was equipped to cater to his needs as it had a hospital wing.

Investigating officer Warrant Officer Kippie Pillay testified that after Singh allegedly killed his wife “he made no attempt to find out about the well-being of his two minor children who, in fact, don’t want him out on bail”.

He added that he believed that Singh set the home alight in order to destroy evidence.

Parshotam said the court was unsatisfied with evidence in Singh’s favour.

“If he was interested in emotionally supporting his children, he would have been with them when their mother died, and not in Port Edward with a bottle of whisky,” he said.

Parshotam said the State had a strong case when it goes to trial.

Sunday Tribune