In a video that has been shared around the internet, two bodyguards who worked for secretary of the ANC in eThekwini, Bheki Ntuli, ready their weapons and warn that they are ready to “kill the dog”.

The secretary of the ANC in eThekwini, Bheki Ntuli, on Thursday suspended his two bodyguards who shot to notoriety after a video, in which they are seen brandishing guns and threatening to kill, surfaced on social media.
“We have requested the company that employs them to suspend them. We can confirm that as we speak they are suspended but we are noting that is an employer-employee relation (issue). The company must ensure that disciplinary actions are taken,” Ntuli said yesterday.
The video which went viral on social media caused a stir with some speculating that the rifle shown in the video is not legal.
“When the investigation is being done the people who are experts in terms of guns will then tell us whether they were supposed to be carrying those guns or they were not supposed to. We can’t say at the present juncture what guns they were carrying”.
Ntuli said he had spoken to the bodyguards and informed them that their actions had tarnished the image of the ANC.
“As far as we know that thing happened while we were not there as leaders, we were not in that car when it happened and we don’t know where they were. Since they are employed by their employers, sometime they are deployed to do work in other areas. They could have been working another  other client.  
“We do not even know when was the video taken. It may have been taken while they were working with another client,” said Ntuli.
He would not divulge the name of the security company which employs the two bodyguards