Mike and Natasha Miller with a picture of their daughter Amy at her funeral service. The Millers hope their daughters story will encourage people to become organ donors. Picture: Sibonelo Ngcobo

Durban - UMhlanga’s 5-year-old Amy Miller, who suffered from a rare congenital heart disease, died this week after desperately waiting for a donor.

Now her parents Natasha and Mike Miller hope their daughter’s story will encourage more people to become organ donors.

Amy had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, meaning the left side was underdeveloped, making the right side do all the work.

Last month, the Sunday Tribune featured her story.

Amy suffered three heart failures and underwent three major operations before her fight ended. But according to her parents, their little girl was a “real fighter” and was an inspiration to many.

The Millers started an online campaign with the help of Heart Kids several months ago to raise awareness and find a new heart for Amy.

They will continue with the campaign and share Amy’s story so that others will become organ donors. They registered Amy, their younger daughter Layla and themselves as organ donors.

Following Amy’s death, her organs were donated.

“Amy’s eyes have been donated and thanks to this, some other child will get the gift of sight. Her eyes will live on through someone else. Amy’s heart might have not been strong but it was big enough to give,” said her father.


Heart Kids South Africa says it will continue with the #ANewHeart ForAmy campaign.

Liza Welsh, its head, says it is difficult for parents to decide whether or not their young ones become organ donors on their deaths but Amy’s story should be a case for them to think about.


For more information, visit www.heartkids.co.za

Sunday Tribune

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