Thomas Moore High School matriculants Megan and Eleanor Canning, who are among KZN’s top achievers. Picture: Leon Lestrade African News Agency (ANA)
Durban - Twins Eleanor and Megan Canning are looking forward to attending the University of Pretoria together after passing their matric exams with flying colours.

They believe that university life will help them create their own identity.

The Canning twins, who attended Thomas Moore High School in Durban, were “excited and thrilled” when they found out they scooped 12 distinctions between them.

Eleanor received seven distinctions and featured in the Independent Examinations Board’s commendable achievements list, while Megan received five. Eleanor has been accepted to do veterinary science and Megan will be doing a BSc in biotechnology, then LLB with a view to being a patent lawyer.

Speaking to The Mercury yesterday, the sisters said they were happy to share the moment with each other after working hard during the year.

“All through high school we were in mostly the same classes. Even in matric, we only did one subject different from each other. The best part of the year was definitely having each other and whenever one of us was stumped on something, the other would step up and teach,” they said.

The twins, born on June 30, 2000, in Darlington in England, moved to KwaZulu-Natal when they were 3-years-old.

Now living in Summerveld in Shongweni, the twins said they were looking forward to moving away from home, but were also worried about their parents battling empty-nest syndrome, as they were the only children.

“Apart from that, we are really looking forward to going into the big world. We have chosen to be in the same university residence but not in the same rooms.

“As much as we are very similar, we are different and we are looking forward to finding our place individually but with each other’s support. It is comforting to know we have each other there,” they said.

The twins said their only advice for 2019 matriculants was to remain consistent and take breaks from studying. Their family will be flying out to Italy for a week to celebrate the end of their schooling career and the results, before the move to Pretoria at the end of January.

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