Bongi and Antony Fleischer, who excelled at Michaelhouse. Picture: Zanele Zulu
Durban - For Michaelhouse’s Bongi and Antony Fleischer, two heads really are better than one.

The fraternal twins scooped a whopping 13 distinctions between them, in the IEB exams.
Antony got six - for economics, English, information technology, life orientation, maths and science - while Bongi got seven - for economics, English, life orientation, biology, maths, science and Zulu.

Bongi also scored a mention on the IEB’s commendable achievements list.

The charismatic duo say they have been competing with one another their whole lives but maintain that their rivalry has never caused any friction.

“I think the competition between us has always been friendly,” Bongi told The Mercury.

“We’ve learnt how to complement each other and bring out the best in each other. For example, how I can help Bongi with his driver’s licence and how he can help me study,” Antony quipped.

A sharp intellect is not the only commonality between the two.

Both played first team water polo and both played rugby.

“Ant played first team, though, and I played third,” Bongi said.

They also both held leadership positions at the prestigious Midlands boarding school.

“Bongi was head boy,” Antony said.

“And Ant was head of house,” Bongi added.

Asked about their differences, Antony said his brother was “very methodical and thinks things through”.

“I’m more spontaneous and impulsive,” he said.

They are hoping to get spots at universities in the US – where their mother is from – as they say they like the education system abroad, but they have not yet made a final decision.

One thing is for sure though: Wherever they land up they will be together.

“We’ve been together our whole lives. It would be weird being apart,” Bongi said.

“Well, I was without him for about two minutes,” Antony added.

Kearsney College twin brothers Dom and Luca Ferri also achieved a total of 13 distinctions between them.

Both were in the top 1% in the country in history and Dom also placed in the top 1% in science.

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