Dainfern matriculants Shane and Reece Fairweather, who are twins, are focusing on the year ahead. Picture: Mark Jackson-Moss

Durban - It was a tough year for twins Reece and Shane Fairweather in 2018 - but they have passed matric and are ready for university.

Just five days after the boys from Joburg’s Dainfern College turned 18, their father died of cancer.

“A part of me was gone for ever and that thought brought me to my knees, but school supported us through this tough time,” said Reece.

“This was a devastating and overwhelming time for us, but with the kindness and support of the whole school we persevered, which is what our father would have wanted,” echoed Shane.

The boys are true all-rounders who between them have full colours for performing arts, music, hockey, indoor hockey, athletics and leadership.

Shane headed the Spirit and Tradition portfolio while Reece served as deputy head of house.

With their bachelor passes secure they can now opt for Pretoria or Stellenbosch Universities where Shane wants to read for a BA and Reece is keen on philosophy, politics and economics.

Meanwhile teachers at Brescia House School in Joburg would be forgiven if they were seeing double last year as the school had five sets of twins in matric.

Identical twins Aimee and Nicola Wheeler are not only academically gifted, but also great at sports. They both achieved full colours in swimming and half colours for athletics.

Aimee got five distinctions and Nicola achieved four.

The other sets of twins - Alexandra and Jessica Amsinck, Caryn and Julia Bishop and Alexandra and Nicole Cromme - started Grade R at the school in 2000. Both Bishop girls agreed that their favourite part of their schooling career was the special friendships they formed.

Caryn and Julia got eight distinctions each and will both be attending Stellenbosch University to embark on a Bachelor of Accounting degree.

The Amsincks will travel for a while and possibly study overseas. Jessica achieved four distinctions and Alexandra got two distinctions.

The Cromme girls are looking to Tuks, where they are hoping to study a BSc Physiotherapy - with both twins hoping to specialise in paediatrics.

Fraternal twins Mokgethwa and Mokgethi Mkalipe said they had different interests.

“People always assume that twins are very competitive, but Thwa and I are the complete opposite,” said Mokgethi.

Mokgethwa achieved eight distinctions while Mokgethi got six.

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