Miguel Louw.
Miguel Louw.

Miguel Louw's family happy his 'monster' killer is behind bars

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published May 5, 2021

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DURBAN: The family of Miguel Louw has welcomed the jail sentence handed to his killer, in the Durban High Court, on Wednesday morning.

His aunt Tasneem Dos Santos told IOL that they were really pleased with the outcome and that justice has been served.

“Even though it has been bitter-sweet and we will never get our baby back, we are pleased that the monster is behind bars.”

Durban High Court Judge Jacqueline Henriques jailed Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim, 46, sentencing him to 25 years for the premeditated murder of Miguel Louw.

MIGUEL Louw's killer Ebrahim Vahed was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, in Durban High Court. He was also sentenced to eight years imprisonment for kidnapping. Picture: Zanele Zulu African News Agency (ANA)

Miguel Louw was reported missing in July 2018. He was last seen at an eatery, near his Sydenham home, with Vahed.

Three months later, his decomposed body was found in vacant land, near Vahed’s home in Phoenix.

He received an additional eight years on a kidnapping charge and 18 months on a theft charge.

All charges will run concurrently and he will serve an effective 25 years behind bars.

Speaking about the sentence, Dos Santos said they would preferred a life sentence, so that he would not be eligible for parole.

“But the Judge was fair in her ruling, and it is a chance for the family to move on and heal.”

She said Miguel Louw would have celebrated his thirteenth birthday this year.

“It’s so sad an innocent child was robbed of their life.

“My family is devastated and he (Vahed) has showed no remorse to date. To him, this is all a joke. Our lives will never be the same,” said Dos Santos.

Dos Santos thanked Detective Rajan RM Govender, state advocate Kelvin Singh, and other people who were instrumental in the search for Miguel Louw during his disappearance.

She said they were also grateful to God.

Confirming that Miguel Louw’s mother Raylene was not present in court, she said she was living somewhere else for now, because she needed a change of scenery, as the memories of her son’s death were still fresh.


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