KZN businessman and friend of President Jacob Zuma, Roy Moodley, at the Sanco gala dinner in Durban on Saturday night. Moodley says he will soon reveal the truth about revelations in Jacques Pauw’s book, The President’s Keepers. Picture: Leon Lestrade
Durban businessman and close friend of President Jacob Zuma, Roy Moodley, has broken his silence on Jacques Pauw's book The President's Keepers.

Moodley described the book as a sham, accusing Pauw of using his name, the name of Zuma and the Guptas to pique the interest of South Africans while having no proof to back his claims.

In Pauw's book, he alleged that Moodley had paid Zuma a R1 million a month salary during his first few months as President.

Moodley was speaking at the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) gala dinner on Saturday night at the Durban ICC. He is the organisation's national treasurer.

"My name is better than Harry Potter's because it has sold so many books," Moodley joked with his guests.

Pauw did not respond to messages and calls requesting comment yesterday.

Moodley took to the stage and told guests he had been a "popular" man in the last few weeks and has kept silent" as silence is better than gossip".

But once on the podium, he took a firm stance, saying Pauw's book was packed with unverified information.

"The only truth that will prevail is me Roy Moodley. I will say what happened," he said.

“When I talk, I want it to be streamed live because I don’t want it to be edited.”