More than 35 000 people agree, pit bulls need to go

Picture: Cseszka / Pixabay

Picture: Cseszka / Pixabay

Published Oct 20, 2022


Durban - The petition calling for the banning of pit bulls as domestic pets has garnered more 35 000 signatures.

The petition, launched by the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation is now aiming to reach 50 000 signatures.

“Following years of vicious attacks on innocent citizens, including young children, the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation has called for the immediate ban of pit bulls,” the foundation said.

It added that Russia, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Portugal, parts of Germany, parts of China, parts of Brazil and parts of Australia, are just some of the places that have banned the breed.

Gelvandale 10-year-old, Storm Nuku, was mauled to death at his family home by pit bulls last month.

IOL reported that police were alerted to the scene and when they arrived they shot and killed both dogs inside the house.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, said an inquest docket would be opened for further investigation.

Kupelo said the attacks by the breed seem to continue unabated.

He added that the defence by pit bull lovers that it is how you raise the dog does not hold water.

“So many people, including joggers have been attacked and killed by pit bulls. It is time that the South African government takes decisive steps and imposes a complete ban on the ownership of pit bulls as domestic animals. Such a move would prevent further attacks and unnecessary deaths. We cannot continue sending out messages of condolences for something that can easily be prevented,” Kupelo said.

Speaking to 702, Kupelo called on the government to castrate the dogs to prevent further breeding.

He added that the government needs to consider regulating all power-breeds to ensure that owners are licensed.

The National Council of SPCAs said it supports the petition.

“Not only do people suffer from dog attacks, other animals have also been victim to dog attacks and have been mauled to death.

“The aggressive animals themselves have also been found subjected to extreme abuse and cruelty in the manner in which they are kept, trained, and even killed.

“This is an issue where both human and animal life have been placed in danger by irresponsible people who lack the skills and knowledge required to handle power-breeds,” the council said in a statement.

It said dog breeds with the potential to be aggressive and cause harm to other animals and people are easily obtained.

“In the hands of uniformed or irresponsible people, the dogs can become a risk to the people in their communities.

“Too often, pit bulls are acquired by irresponsible people to portray an image of “power”, for dog fighting, breeding and/ or for security purposes.

“These dogs are incited and trained to become human and animal aggressive, and very quickly the animal becomes high risk. All too often these dogs live compromised lives in cages or on chains which typically leads to an increase in aggression and further increases the risk of attack,” the NSPCA said.

The Pit Bull Federation of SA (PBFSA) said it has engaged with the foundation to find an amicable solution.

“Our common goal is the same, to end maulings and bring about accountability for those whose dogs are maiming and killing people. The foundation will continue with its current campaign, but further talks will take place,” the PBFSA said.