16 people were injured in a crash on the N2 south on Saturday near Chesterville, Durban. Reports from the scene indicate that community members targeted two vehicles that had rolled down the embankment, stealing door panels, batteries, speakers etc. Pictures: Rescue Care
Durban - Sixteen people sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate when 16 vehicles and a truck collided on the N2 south near Chesterville, Durban, just before the M7 interchange on Saturday afternoon.
ER24 spokesperson Ineke van Huyssteen said traffic was badly affected in that area and it proved a challenge for services to get to the scene.
Rescue Care’s Garrith Jamieson, said that two vehicles, a red and white car, were descended on by community members who began to strip it, stealing parts and valuables. The vehicles had rolled down an embankment. Emergency personnel allegedly witnessed items such as door panels, batteries and speakers being removed.

Looters allegedly helped themselves to items off two cars that rolled down the embankment near Chesterville.

Van Huyssteen said ER24 arrived at the scene at 2.20pm.

“Upon further assessment, paramedics found 16 patients who had sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate. Two cars and the truck went down an embankment.”
ER24, and multiple other services transported the patients to hospital for further medical care.
“The exact circumstances surrounding the incident were not yet known to our paramedics but police were on the scene for further investigations,” said Van Huyssteen.

Netcare 911 responded to a serious collision on the N3 at Nottingham Road on Friday.

“On arrival paramedics found a patient being treated by members of another private ambulance service. Reports from the scene indicate that a truck had allegedly knocked over two motorcyclists resulting in the death of a 16-year-old male and injuring another male believed to be approximately 50 years old,” said Netcare’s Shawn Herbst.

Traffic authorities from the Road Traffic Inspectorate were on the scene and would be investigating, he said.

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