The National SPCA confirmed that it is undertaking an investigation against a deputy mayor and his bodyguards, over the brutal shooting of a dog.
Durban - The dog killing incident captured on video and widely circulated on social media is due to be discussed at the sitting of the Mthonjaneni council on Wednesday as the municipality looks to institute an inquiry against the town’s deputy mayor whose bodyguards are accused of killing a dog in cold blood.

Graphic footage of the incident was widely circulated on social media last week. In the video, a man can be seen opening fire on a dog that has been chained to a fence. The dog writhes and cries as he continues to shoot it. A man understood to be the deputy mayor of Mthonjaneni municipality (Melmoth), Philani Ntombela, can be seen in the background coaxing the shooter on.

Earlier in the week, the municipality had promised to investigate the allegations against Ntombela saying appropriate action would be taken after the investigation is finalised.

But yesterday Mthonjaneni municipality spokesperson Thami Shangase said the council would have to take a resolution before the inquiry could start. “That is what will be discussed at the council sitting,” Shangase said.

When contacted yesterday, Ntombela refused to give any comment and denied that he had said anything about the dogs being killed because they had allegedly been terrorizing livestock and community members.

“At this stage, I am not saying anything on this matter,” he said before ending the call.

The National SPCA also confirmed that it was still undertaking its own investigation and would soon be laying charges against Ntombela and his bodyguards.

Meg Wilson, the NSPCA spokesperson, said the national office had taken over the case so as to assist the eShowe office of SPCA.

He said according to information gathered from witnesses, Ntombela had allegedly instructed the bodyguards to shoot the dog.