PICS & VIDEO: Shallcross bids farewell to Teddy Mafia

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Jan 7, 2021

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DURBAN: Hundreds of people gathered in Shallcross this morning to pay their last respects to Yaganathan Pillay.

A hero to some and a villain to others, Pillay died just minutes after arriving in hospital.

Also known as Teddy Mafia, an alleged infamous drug lord who ruled with an iron fist, Pillay is believed to have been shot outside his house in Taurus Street in Shallcross.

Two men who the community believe shot Pillay were assaulted, beheaded and burnt.

Police have confirmed that three cases of murder are under investigation. However, no arrests have been made.

Today, bagpipes led the way as Pillay's gold casket was driven into the area.

Chanting "Viva Mafia viva", residents walked alongside the casket.

Family and those close to the Pillay family wore white Tshirts with his face emblazoned on them. Two marquees were set up near Pillay's house and at one point, police had to step in to remind residents to adhere to Covid safety protocol.

To many, Pillay was seen by many as a 'Robin Hood' figure in the Chatsworth community, was buried in a Stetson hat and sunglasses in a gold, diamond-encrusted coffin.


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