Support for the Mpumuza Cultural Event was given the go-ahead, without details of what the Msunduzi Municipality would have to pay.

The Msunduzi Municipality has come under criticism for sponsoring a cultural event without disclosing to council members how much it will spend on the sponsorship.

A report requesting “sponsorship” of a cultural event in Ward 1 in Sweetwaters near Hilton was tabled before Exco members recently.

It was tabled without details of how much the municipality would spend on the event or where the money would come from, something that runs contrary to rules of governance in the council.
A breakdown of the amounts required for the various aspects of the event, such as catering, a marquee if required, transport etc is usually provided.

The report stated that the Mpumuza Cultural Event to be held on October 28 aims to celebrate culture, tradition and customs as well as the life of Inkosi Nsikayezwe Zondi, the local chief, and honour him for his good leadership qualities.

“This thing as it stands is not acceptable, there should be an amount of how much the municipality will spend on this function and there should state clearly which programme the money will be taken from,” said DA leader in the council Jerome Majola.

“What this is, is the equivalent of giving the municipality a blank cheque. We need to be clear on what we are supporting and how much. In the list of the items that are here, (it must be stated) which ones are we supporting and what are organisers contributing to this event,” he said.