Python vs goat: Durban snake catcher rescues 4m python from local farm

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Feb 6, 2021

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DURBAN – Durban snake catcher, Nick Evans, had his hands full this week when he was called out to retrieve a massive python that had taken on a goat.

Evans said he made his way to Camperdown after workers complained of hearing a goat bleating in the field.

“As they got closer to the goat, they saw a large python had wrapped itself around the goat and was constricting it,” he said.

Evans said the workers were hoping to kill the snake and eat it later but then they called the farm owner who then called him.

“I thought it was prank or maybe a tall story concocted by a worker after finding a dead goat so I asked for a pic. I could not believe my eyes when the pic came through,” Evans said.

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans with their latest catch. Picture: Kyle Smith

He said when he arrived at the farm, he made his way to the area where the snake and goat were spotted.

“The kill had taken place around half 11 in the morning and it was now 5.30pm. When the snake saw us moving towards it, it tried to slither away and I moved in, grabbed its tail but I couldn't see much else. I knew this was a sizeable snake,” he said.

Evans said the wet conditions made it difficult to hold onto the snake.

Tryone Marcus and famed Durban snake catcher Nick Evans with their latest catch. Picture: Kyle Smith

He said he eventually managed to grab the snake’s head with the help of his co-catcher, Tyrone Marcus.

“There was a point that the snake started wrapping around my head and I needed Tyrone to pull it off,” he remarked.

Evans said the snake was around 4m long and weighed over 26kg.

From studying the goat, Evans said the snake was unable to get its mouth over its kill’s horns.

“A friend of mine who studies this species has seen this before. Perhaps they only realise the prey is too big once they’ve killed it? Who knows. By the time we arrived, it would never have managed. The goat’s belly was bloated, and legs quite stiff. Still, an impressive feat for the python,” Evans said.

He said the snake has since been released – far away from goats.


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