LITTLE FIGHTER: Taking on the cancer battle; Sarah-Kate and Darren Scott with their son Mark. Picture: Albert Bredenhann

While having a cancer tumour removed, surgeons found that Mark Scott, aged 18 months, had a twisted bowel which could have killed him had it not been discovered.

The toddler son of DJ Darren Scott and his wife, Sarah-Kate, Mark was diagnosed with a kidney tumour a few months ago.

And it was while the tumour was being removed, along with his appendix, that surgeons found a “malrotation of the bowel”.

“He was diagnosed with Beckwirth-Wiedman Syndrome, which affects the organs, and apparently it would have been impossible for the twisted bowel to be picked up on a scan… if not found, he could have died. It was corrected during the surgery,” Sarah-Kate said on Friday.

Mark had his second round of chemotherapy this week.

“He has stage two cancer so his chemotherapy is quite aggressive. He’s such a little soldier. He’s lost a lot of weight and doesn’t always feel like eating, so Darren and I are just taking each day as it comes.

“Sometimes we have felt as though we were being punched around a boxing ring and we have to take each hour as it comes,” she said.

The popular former DJ on East Coast Radio, Darren Scott, is one of the key players in the recently launched online radio show “Ballz”.

Darren said he and his wife were always with Mark during his chemotherapy sessions and were aware that the next few months were going to be tough.

“We are constantly adjusting schedules… and Mark is handling it very well,” he said. - Independent on Saturday