The photo posted on social media: Supplied

Durban - The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) on Sunday lambasted an "old hoax" doing the rounds on social media about the safety of Durban's well-known "spaghetti junction" interchange, containing a photograph purporting to show cracks in the structure.

Sanral made a significant contribution to road safety by maintaining and improving South Africa’s road environment and by identifying and addressing road safety concerns, the state-owned company said in a statement.  

Sanral continuously evaluated the national road network against a set of norms and standards and applied this analysis during project design, construction, and routine road maintenance. It also identified and addressed high-incident areas.

"Thus, it is with concern that Sanral has noted the posting on social media of a photograph of a bridge with a gap and which is purported to be the spaghetti junction (EB Cloete Interchange) on the N2 outside Durban," Sanral Eastern Region regional manager Dumisani Nkabinde said in the statement.

It was "rather unfortunate" that a social media post had gone viral, claiming that spaghetti junction in Durban "is cracking and will be closed”. The post requested the public to “keep away”.

The photo posted on social media: Supplied

“The photo shows a type of expansion joint located in the span of the bridge commonly known as a half joint. It is not a crack in the deck but is designed to expand and shrink. The picture is not from the EB Cloete Interchange located in Durban, but from an interchange in the United States which also appears to be called 'spaghetti junction'.

"The link [] confirms this. This is further confirmed by the fact that this type of joint is not used at EB Cloete interchange and the piers and parapet appear different to those at EB Cloete. The spaghetti junction in Durban is in good condition and there is no structural defect,” Nkabinde said.

African News Agency (ANA)