Private investigator Brad Nathanson arrests a man who police had been searching for in connection with the murder of Siam Lee. Picture: Brad Nathanson Investigations/Facebook

Durban - It appears that the vehicle thought to have been used in the alleged abduction of Siam Lee, was involved in a crash on the day that she went missing.

It was found smashed up, in the garage of an Assagay property on Wednesday morning and hours later, police had a suspect in custody.

Lee was allegedly abducted from a Durban North property on January 4 and a body, which a relative has since identified as hers, was found on a farm in New Hanover two days later.

Police are waiting for DNA results to confirm the identification.

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'Intensive investigation' led to arrest of #SiamLee suspect

In an interview with Blue Security Community TV, private investigator Brad Nathanson, of Brad Nathanson Investigations, on Thursday morning explained how he and his team had helped crack the case.

They led police to the vehicle - a black Mercedes Benz Vito - and then swooped on the 29-year-old man thought to have been behind Lee’s abduction and subsequent murder.

“On information received, we took the SAPS to a house in Assagay, where we recovered the Vito - the Vito we believe Siam was abducted in,” Nathanson said, “The Vito was substantially damaged. It had been involved in a car accident - an accident that took place on the same day that Siam was abducted”.

Nathanson said the vehicle had been standing in the garage since that day.

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Mom the key to finding Siam’s killer: investigator

“The suspect had gotten himself a hired car,” he said.

Nathanson said police took the car to Pinetown for their Local Criminal Record Centre to inspect it.

“And at 5.30pm (on Wednesday), my staff and I arrested a suspect - a 29-year-old man who we believe is responsible for the abduction and murder of Siam Lee,” he said.

Nathanson called the arrest the result of “a massive effort by so many people”.

“We want to thank everybody,” he said, “All the people that assisted, together with other private investigators and the SAPS,” he said.

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