Siam Lee when she was a teenager, right, with Timberwolf Shiloh and her mother, Nan, with a past pet, Wolfie. Picture: Supplied

Durban - Turmoil in the life of murdered Siam Lee’s mother, Nan, has led to the temporary loss of her other “child”, a Timberwolf she calls her “other daughter”.

The dog, which had been named Shiloh by Siam, was left alone when police arrested Nan Lee on May 4.

She was held at Westville Prison for a weekend, after her landlord evicted her for defaulting on rent payments and charged her for allegedly damaging his gate.

“I phoned my friends and said I was in a holding cell and that Shiloh was on the verandah,” she said.

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Siam’s mother slams housemate

They stepped in to help and the Timberwolf ended up at Gianna Scoulelis’ Animal Haven in Ballito.

However, on Sunday Shiloh will be on her way to a wolf sanctuary in the Free State, according to Scoulelis.

Nan called Shiloh’s stay there “a Sabbatical”.

“They are going to foster Shiloh for a month, six months, or however long it takes me to be at a place where I can take her back and give her the love she needs, not the sadness I think I’m still experiencing.

“She’s going to join a pack and be among Timberwolves, where there’s a hierarchy.”

Siam went missing from a house in Durban North, believed to be a brothel, in January.

Her body was found burnt, in a sugar cane field in New Hanover, two days later.

A man has been arrested and is facing a string of charges, from murder and kidnapping, to fraud and possessing an illegal firearm.

Both mother and daughter were involved in the adult entertainment industry.

Nan said that after 20-year-old Siam was abducted, for three days Shiloh was very affected by her loss and never left Nan’s side.

“Shiloh fell into a deep depression,” said Nan, adding that the Timberwolf, which used to sleep on Siam’s bed, started howling in Siam’s room during the second week of her disappearance.

“She had an ability to pick up on my energy and knowledge that her ‘sister’ (Siam) was not there.”

Nan’s case is scheduled to come up in the Durban Magistrate’s Court again on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Siam’s alleged killer, who may not be named because he faces a rape charge involving another woman, who is still alive, spent Friday in the dock in the Durban Magistrate’s Court.

His defence advocate, Martin Krog, cross-examined investigating officer Warrant Officer Ragan Govender during a drawn-out bail hearing.

Krog suggested his client was deserving of bail and would neither disappear nor threaten witnesses, whereas Govender said he vehemently believed he would, based on his “criminal and dishonest behaviour”.

The bail application will resume next Friday.