Sureshnie Rieder says goodbye to 5FM after 18 years

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published Mar 29, 2021

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Durban - In a heartfelt message on Facebook, popular radio presenter Sureshnie Rieder told her fans that her last day on 5FM would be on Wednesday.

“5FM has been both my ONE DAY and DAY ONE!’ wrote the radio presenter who is part of the the #RogerGoodeMorning Show breakfast show.

“I have been part of the 5FM family for 18 years and on Wednesday, I say goodbye. As a kid, my dream was to one day host the World Chart Show and, it came true with me getting to host the 5FM Top40.

“A show that won us best Weekend Show and took me all the way to Nashville Tennessee for a sit-down with Taylor Swift; a show that proved to me that affirmations manifest.”

Rieder said she left Durban with just a pillow in hand and her family behind her, but the radio station has since made a great impact on her.

“During my 18 years at 5FM was lucky to host across the platform as a presenter and also a newsreader. Working at 5FM had a far deeper emotional impact on me.

“It allowed me to dismantle a stereotype that I went through as a kid – that colourism would determine my place in society. Working in a station like 5FM gave me the most beautiful platform to truly represent. For my community, for girls and boys with my skin colour, for people of colour, for women who didn’t think it was possible, 5FM allowed me to represent so much more than just a radio head. It gave back to me in the most wonderful ways and hopefully broke those narratives into new dreams for many others too.”

Rieder said her chosen career path was also to make her parents, Rocky Govender and Gonum Govender, proud.

She said her parents lived by the mantra “What the eyes can see the hands can do”, and were a testament to dream big and work hard.

She said she could not wait to spend more time with her husband, Leigh Rieder, and daughter Pavani Milan Rieder, but will not be retiring from radio.

“I have way too much energy and experience to share. I'm moving on to new chapters within the media space. I will be launching a long-awaited podcast and I'm calling it Live Learn Love.

“This was my primary school's motto (Kamalinee Primary school, Lotus Park, Isipingo). I've loved that thought, so this podcast will take us through people who inspire me by the life they live, opportunities to learn from people and share the people I love. Over the years I’ve met some truly outstanding people and I think sharing their stories will inspire us even more.”

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