Hydroponic-grown strawberries are just one of the varieties of fruits and vegetables that can be grown using the vertical system which means more plants can grow in a square metre than conventional methods.


Durban - KwaZulu-Natal’s premier greening expo, the Sustainable Living Exhibition (SLE) and Indigenous Plant Fair, takes place this weekend at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

Hundreds of exhibitors will be displaying innovative products that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy, waste minimisation, water conservation, food security and greening concepts that can make your home or office more eco-friendly and also help you save on your water and electricity consumption.

An exhibition you simply cannot miss is Global Solutions, a proudly South African company that provides water and energy saving solutions to both the domestic and commercial markets throughout South Africa. The company’s products are designed with a view to saving costs and being environmentally friendly. Covering a range of solutions from water filtration and purification that can provide clean drinking water from any water source such as rainwater, borehole, tank, reservoir, river etc to solar driven pumps and household inverters.

If you looking for hydroponic solutions, they have developed a variety of hydroponic systems (growing vegetables and fruit in water) which produces lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and much more. These systems use minimal water with no water loss due to evaporation or over irrigation. The hydroponic kits are designed to run on minimal electricity or solar energy and can be easily installed in any household, school, hospital etc.

But that’s just the tip of the greening iceberg. Make sure you take a selfie with the Durban University of Technology (DUT) energyDRIVE bus. This is local engineering and talent at its best. The energyDRIVE project is a custom-built truck container which was designed by DUT’s Energy Technology Station known as the KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Energy Efficient Training and Resources Centre.

The truck features a solar roof structure and a wind turbine mounting system, a bio-digester, a photovoltaic panel display unit, a solar hot water display unit and other demonstration equipment. It is being used in national road shows targeting rural schools, and technical and vocational education and training colleges and exhibitions in South Africa to inform communities about the benefits and uses of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.

Without a doubt the SLE is a one-stop shop for people looking for that ideal solution to live more sustainable lifestyles. 
Entrance is free and all are welcome.