DURBAN: 050712 Jack Chiang has been cycling around the world for the last 2 years. PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Durban - A Taiwanese cyclist who has been flying and pedalling around the world for the past two years has cycled from Cape Town to Durban, and says he has no plans to ride home yet.

Strong Wu, 30, has been to more than 20 countries – all of them on his bike. He has no sponsors and is using his savings to finance his epic journey.

“I had to save before I could travel. My family supports me emotionally, but financially they said I am on my own,” he said.

Determination and passion have propelled him along – sometimes for 100km a day. He camps in the middle of nowhere and enjoys connecting with people of different cultures.

“I love meeting people who speak other languages. Learning how other people live their lives is interesting to me,” he said.

His bicycle was stolen in Paris and he had to wait two weeks for his friends in Taiwan to send a new one.

Long hours of cycling are physically tiring, but he keeps up his stamina by eating high-protein foods.

He has cycled through Spain, France, England, Mexico, the US and other countries.

After making a stop in SA he plans to ride on to Swaziland and from there to Mozambique.

“I haven’t seen my family in the two years that I have been on the road, but we speak on the phone often,” he says.

What he has really enjoyed on his travels is befriending other cyclists. He plans to pedal for two more years before heading home. - The Mercury