Naeefa Khan.

Police are searching for a KwaDukuza schoolgirl who went missing after school on Wednesday last week.

Initially Naeefa Khan’s teachers at Zakariyya Muslim School thought she had run off with her boyfriend, but now they are unsure.

Her teacher, Naseefa Ganie, said Naeefa, 17, had been missing for a week, although messages had been sent from her cellphone to her friends via MXit on Tuesday this week.

“The boy we had suspected denied being her boyfriend or knowing where she was.

“She is a good pupil; we have never had any problems with her,” said Ganie.

Sources said the conversations on MXit were not in the missing girl’s usual style and it appeared that someone else was using her cellphone.

In the messages sent to her friends, she said that she was fine and asked how her parents were, said a source.

The source added that Naeefa would not tell her friends where she was.

Her mother, Fathima Khan, 42, told The Mercury on Thursday that she wanted her daughter home.

“We have no clue of her whereabouts. The last time I saw her was last week Wednesday,” she said.

Khan described her daughter as someone who did not talk much.

“I am pleading that anyone with information should come forward.”

She said relatives had gathered at her home to support the family.

Naeefa was last seen wearing a navy cloak or possibly navy pants and a blue shirt. - The Mercury

*** Anyone with information should call the investigative officer, Shuaib Bissessur, at 082 728 1633 or KwaDukuza police at 032 551 8200.