WATCH: Black mamba coils up under car's bonnet to escape Reservoir Hills residents' stones

By Jolene Marriah - Maharaj Time of article published Apr 4, 2020

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Durban - Snake catcher Nick Evans rescued a black mamba out of a car bonnet in Reservoir Hills on Friday. 

Evans said he was called out to Varsity Drive after the 2.5 metre was spotted slithering across the road.  

"Bystanders had spotted the snake and tried stoning it," Evans said. "The snake got into one of the residents property and shot straight into this car."

The homeowner was afraid his dogs would be bitten and removed the car off the property and parked it on the roadside. 

Evans said it took him about 10 minutes to retrieve the snake. He said the snake would be released today.

Nick Evans with the 2.5-metre long black mamba he rescued from beneath the bonnet of a car in Reservoir Hills on Friday. Picture: Supplied

Evans, who regularly rescues snakes from residential properties around Durban, advised residents not to stone snakes if they spot them on their properties. 

Fearful residents had tried to stone the snake after spotting it slithering across the road. Picture: Supplied

"Please don't stone the mambas. Often they escape only to die a slow painful death from their injuries. Please rather phone a snake catcher to assist."

Evans removed the snake from underneath the bonnet of this car. Picture: Supplied


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