WATCH: Durban communities fight back against looters

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Jul 12, 2021

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WARNING: The videos contained in this story has strong language

Durban - As police resources were stretched to the limit on Monday amid a wave mass looting and violence that played itself out across KwaZulu-Natal, communities were coming together and forming human chains to protect businesses in their areas.

As images and videos of mass looting and hysteria flooded social media and news streams, some communities armed themselves against the looters.

There were several pictures and videos on social media of armed citizens fighting back at the looters.

Imtiaz Syed chairman of the Ethekwini Cluster CPF said communities were shocked and angered by the blatant looting and realising that the police could not control the situations by themselves, decided to protect the businesses and properties in their neighbourhoods.

“This looting is not about politics, it's now just merely about people that are being greedy and just looting for their own benefit. There's no real reason for them to be doing this sort of thing, we can understand the right to freedom of expression and the right to protest and the democratic rights and all of that but what is happening is not right,” he said.

Syed said CPF in and around Durban were now helping police take control.

“We cant blame the police because they are outstretched. So basically what we've done is we've mobilised communities. And we've asked him to create standoff points which are basically entry and exit points into the areas and start doing stop in searches, and then we've got teams in the middle of everything that can respond to them if they're having a problem. So basically it's more an eyes and ears situation.

According to residents who spoke to IOL, had it not been for CPF’s stepping in, the looting could have been much worse.

“There was a lot of looting and destruction going on but these guys stepped in and helped. It could have been extremely bad had it not been for them,” a resident said.


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