Forty four children were stung by bees at the Bunny Park in Benoni on the East Rand.

Durban - A 70-year-old woman was in a critical condition after she was attacked by bees outside her Verulam home on Monday, apparently after her dog disturbed the insects by urinating on the hive.

The police reaction unit’s Prem Balram said his team had found the woman lying in the road in Katzkop Drive, Mount View.

“She ran at least 200m, but the bees came after her. She then collapsed on the sidewalk and onlookers covered her in blankets and sprayed bug spray on her,” said Balram.


He said the woman was struggling to breathe. She had bee stings all over her face, arms, legs and head and appeared to be in a critical condition.

Residents had applied home remedies to the stings while they were waiting for paramedics.

The woman was taken to a local doctor who stabilised her before she was taken to hospital.


Balram said the quick reaction of her neighbours had probably saved the woman’s life.

He warned residents with beehives on their property to seek help in removing them to avoid similar attacks. - The Mercury

Update - 14 November 2012: The Verulam woman who was stung by bees when her dog urinated on a hive was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, her neighbour said.

Mogie Kanniappan, 70, was saved by her neighbours who sprayed her with insecticide.